Friday, 20 April 2012

Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge - Dreaded Journey

If you were visiting or situated in London last weekend you might have noticed strange, desperate hollow-eyed people scurrying around with anxious expressions on their faces and looking obsessively at their watches whilst legging it about with crap-loads of camera equipment and assorted props and costumes.  This would be down to the Sci-Fi London Festival's annual 48 hour film challenge.  The challenge is to write, shoot and edit a complete 5 minute film in just 48 hours.  To esnsure that this is done in the allotted time frame certain restrictions are put in place which need to be worked into the finished film.  These are a title, a line of dialogue and prop (along with an associated stage direction).

Nefarious Films entered once again this year and we drew the following:

Title:  Dreaded Journey

Prop:  A photo frame which must be removed by a character, disassembled and the picture replaced, reassembled and then put into its original position.

Line of dialogue:  I'd like to learn more about the socio/neurological/psychological basis for this widespread belief in bat-shit crazy conspiracy theories.

Optional science theme:  At the edge of the universe, a door ajar.

Yeah.  Easy right? Well, after an incredibly intense and rather sleepless 48 hours we managed to finish our little film and here it is:

Many thanks to our awesome team who really put in so much effort and energy creating this.

Angela Compton
Brendan Lonergan
Ewan Parry
Gary Perkin
Chris Nelthorpe
Ben Hayday
Rachel Wood
Aaryk Noctivagus

Looking forward to next year guys!

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