Sunday, 17 July 2011

Vile Pre-thoughts

 An (almost) daily preview for each and every movie on the line-up for London's biggest, baddest horror festival, the Film 4 Frightfest


Director:  Taylor Sheridan

Eric Jay Beck – Nick 
April Matson – Tayler 
Akeem Smith – Tony 
Greg Cipes – Sam 
Maya Hazen – Tara

They Say:
"Fifty years ago Yale University professor Stanley Milgram held a series of social experiments based on Nazi war criminals’ psychology. They were devised to answer a simple question; how far are people willing to go when instructed by authority? Nick, his girlfriend Tayler and their two best friends are about to find out. Abducted after a camping trip, they wake up in an unknown prison with two vials wired into the base of their skulls. Their task, set by a mysterious video figure, is to fill the vials with chemicals the brain produces under extreme pain… "

We say:

Hmmm... a mysterious puppet master type character, abductions, bizarre forced surgery, experiments in extreme pain.  It all sounds a bit last decade really doesn't it?  Isn't this a touch reminiscent of Jigsaw and the rest's somewhat anti-social shenanigans? Well, the psychological experiment angle certainly adds some interest and is relatively untapped territory so there's certainly some potential here.  Also, it's directed by Deputy Chief Hale from SONS OF ANARCHY or at least the guy who played him - Taylor Sheridan, so that gives it a whole shedload of good will right there.  Will that be enough though?

Excitement rating:  Hopeful but dubious.

Playing:   Friday 26th August  23:55 
Festival & day passes go on sale from 2nd July. Tickets for Individual films on sale from 1st August.

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  1. You should be more dubious than hopeful. That is all . . .

  2. Hope springs eternal! (with the possible exception of when watching torture porn however - agreed)