Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rogue River - pre-thoughts

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Rogue River
Directors: Jourdan McClure


Michelle Page - Mara
Bill Moseley – Jon
Lucinda Jenney – Lea
Michael Cudlitz – Sheriff Boyd
Chris Coy – Andrew


"Wanting to spread her father’s ashes at a significant place, Mara drives to a remote part of the beautiful Rogue River in Southern Oregon. When her car is towed away by she accepts the offer of a ride into town by a kindly passerby named Jon (TEXAS CHAINSAW 2 and DEVIL’S REJECTS horror legend Bill Moseley). So begins Mara’s nightmare descent into utter horror and disgust, making her wish she had parked her car somewhere else. "


I love that last line of the synopsis "making her wish she had parked her car somewhere else" - it sounds just so melodramatic - of all the terrible things that could happen to you, of all the horrors and depravities that could be wrought upon the human form - you could end up...wishing you'd parked somewhere else, or maybe... wishing you hadn't left the television on all night. Or how about... wondering if you'd left the front door open?  

But maybe it's just me.  Regardless, Rogue River stars Bill Moseley who is always worth watching - even when the film he's in isn't fantastic he still delivers (THE GRAVES being a case in point).  Hopefully ROGUE RIVER won't have to test this theory too much.  It doesn't sound like anything we haven't seen before a few hundred times however and Moseley can play these sorts of characters in his sleep but then again the promised nightmare descent into utter horror and disgust sounds like it could be kinda fun.

Excitement rating:  Cautious.

Playing:   Friday 26th August  10:40 PM

Festival & day passes go on sale from 2nd July. Tickets for Individual films on sale from 1st August.

Bookings: 08 714 714 714 or www.empirecinemas.co.uk

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