Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Holding - Pre-thoughts

 An (almost) daily preview for each and every movie on the line-up for London's biggest, baddest horror festival, the Film 4 Frightfest

Director: Susan Jacobson
Kierston Waring – Cassie Naylor
Vincent Regan – Aden
David Bradley – Cooper
Georgia Groome – Gemma
Terry Stone - Karsten Rabe

"A heart-pounding suspense thriller set in the rugged and atmospheric landscape of the English countryside. Cassie Naylor’s husband Dean has mysteriously disappeared and now she’s desperately trying to run their isolated farm alone with her two girls. Then an enigmatic stranger arrives at the smallholding, claiming to be an old friend of her husband and soon charms his way into their lives. But unknown to Cassie, Aden’s altruistic motivation has a sinister edge and when the truth about Dean’s vanishing finally comes to light, Cassie and her girls must fight for their survival like never before."

Tough one to call this.  The synopsis doesn't give a huge amount away but the fact that it's a British film set in England makes me immediately hopeful that it will do us Brits proud.  The gritty, grimy look of the stills available online give a nice idea of the sort of feel this'll have and it looks like that'll be  pretty bleak and brutal.  Director Susan Jacobson doesn't have much of a genre history to give us many clues either so this could really swing either way.  It sounds like a solid and intriguing set-up however and hopefully this will turn out to be a neat little thriller. 

Excitement rating:  Interested.

Playing:   Friday 26th August  12:45 

Festival & day passes go on sale from 2nd July. Tickets for Individual films on sale from 1st August.

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