Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Return of the Video Nasties - News

Is it just me or are horror films more fun when you're not allowed to watch them?  There's nothing quite like the thrill of finally obtaining a rare well-worn video copy of some fabled masterpiece of gore-soaked, sex-filled exploitation sleaze.  There aren't many activities with quite the same thrill of forbidden mystery as watching it in the middle of the night with the sound turned down in case your parents wake up and find you watching some bare breasted pneumatic harlot having the tongue cut from her head (or something equally depraved, sexist and fun).

At least, that's what the early eighties were like for me and I have never forgotten that illicit thrill of watching something that is not only illegal and morally reprehensible but something that just might cause you to completely lose your mind and all sense of morality too.  Who could resist that?

Well, not Nucleus Films it would seem as they have just announced the release of this special 3 disc celebration of all the 72 films which were effectively banned in the 'Video Nasties' furore that ran in the UK from 1979 up until 1984.

Anybody who feels a shiver of recognition at titles such as SS Experiment Camp, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain or Snuff should bag themselves a copy when it is released this October.

Full details of the discs below.

"For the first time ever on DVD, all 72 films that fell foul of the Director of Public Prosecutions are featured with specially filmed intros for each title in a lavish three-disc collector’s edition box-set, alongside a brand new documentary - VIDEO NASTIES: MORAL PANIC, CENSORSHIP AND VIDEOTAPE, directed by Jake (‘Doghouse’) West.

Producer Marc Morris, co-author of ‘Art of the Nasty’ and ‘Shock Horror: Astounding Artwork from the Video Nasty Era’ comments: “Hopefully, every true movie fan will want this in their collection”..

Disc One presents the 39 titles which were successfully prosecuted in UK courts and deemed liable to deprave and corrupt. These included: ‘Absurd’, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, ‘The Driller Killer’, ‘I Spit on Your Grave’, ‘Nightmares in a Damaged Brain’, ‘Snuff’ & ‘Zombie Flesh-Eaters’.

Disc Two presents the 33 titles that were initially banned, but then subsequently acquitted and removed from the DPP's list. These included: 
‘Death Trap’, ‘Deep River Savages’, ‘The Evil Dead’, ‘Human Experiments’, ‘The Toolbox Murders’ & Zombie Creeping Flesh

Both discs can be viewed either as a non-stop trailer show, or with newly-filmed introductions from a wide range of acclaimed media academics and notable genre journalists. Each disc is preceded by a brief introduction by cult horror presenter Emily Booth.

Disc Three This era-defining documentary features interviews with filmmakers Ruggero Deodato (‘Cannibal Holocaust’) Neil Marshall (‘The Descent’, ‘Doomsday’), Christopher Smith (‘Severance’, ‘Black Death’) and MP Graham Bright as well as rare archive footage featuring James Ferman (director of the BBFC 1975-1999) & Mary Whitehouse. Taking in the explosion of home video, the erosion of civil liberties, the introduction of draconian censorship measures, hysterical press campaigns and the birth of many careers born in blood and videotape, West’s documentary also reflects on the influence this peculiar era still exerts on us today. 

Extras include a gallery of original video company idents and extensive gallery of lurid cover art for every video nasty."


  1. Interesting news but three DVDs full of trailers and Emily Booth? I hope they pay people to take these DVDs rather than try to sell them.

    If they'd put out a giant box set of all the "Video Nasties" (lame as they actually were) then I think a lot of people would buy it for the nostalgia. Having said that, there really aren't any banned movies anymore due to the internet.

  2. I see your point Doc, I do but to be honest, in most cases the cover art and trailers are actually more entertaining than the feature itself. What film could possibly live up to those beautifully salacious promises?

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this. Will be picking this up for sure.